PowerShell code fragements

Get current execution environment info

Command line variables


Pipeline variables


Error action

Processing Structure

begin { }
process { }
end { }

Create arrays of objects

$report = @()

Create Hash Table

$hash = @{"name" = "value";"name2" = "value2"}

Create object

$temp = "" | Select Computer, Username

To read a whole file in as one string


get-content reads it in as an array of strings.

get-content -raw reads it as one string v3

To quickly copy one large file to another

get-content .\infile.txt -readcount 500 | Add-Content .\outfile.txt

The readcount reads 500 lines at a time and sends it down the pipeline instead of 1

get-content .\infile.bin -readcount 500 -encoding byte| Add-Content .\outfile.bin

Use this for a binary file

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